RuneScape Mobile is Free, Crossplay Ready, and Your Old Accounts Are Still Live

In case you somehow missed the most exciting news in mobile gaming, friends, it’s finally time: RuneScape has made it to mobile. Both iOS and Android users can now play Jagex’s iconic MMO for free on their mobile devices. 

RuneScape’s move to mobile comes twenty years after the game’s first release – an impressive history for any game and only matched by a few other MMOs. In those twenty years, RuneScape has truly become a genre-defining MMO even if often overshadowed by World of Warcraft and other high-fantasy MMORPGs.  

The once browser-based title has maintained a massive player-base thanks to continual updates, myriad exploration and crafting opportunities, and sense of nostalgia for the classic gaming days of yore. Still, after all of these years the game holds up well to critique. This 2021 RuneScape review from MMO Games recently dove back into the game to see if it had aged like fine warm or room-temperature milk, concluding that it remains a very fine and fun gaming experience.  

RuneScape Mobile received almost 2 million pre-registrations unlocking Jagex’s top-tier registration rewards (exp boosts, cosmetic items, teleportation devices, swords, pets, and the top-tier prize, the Crux Eqal Armour). It’s perhaps unsurprising when you consider that RuneScape Mobile will feature full crossplay with PC.  

Talking of the mobile iteration, RuneScape Executive Producer Ryan Ward, said: 

“I cannot wait to hear about all the new stories and accomplishments that our players will experience, and all the new friends they get to make. This is the next chapter of bringing RuneScape everywhere and I could not be prouder of this moment!” 

Better news yet, as long as you didn’t officially delete your account, your 2005 childhood-adventurer-archer “MrShootsaLot” should still be saved and ready to play with. You can go right back to where you left off; though we suspect he might be due a haircut and a wardrobe upgrade.  

RuneScape’s move to mobile follows that of Oldschool RuneScape which received a mobile port back in 2018. It was thanks to this test run of the simplified classic RuneScape experience that so many fans became excited about the full mobile version of RuneScape – it’s an MMO ideal for mobile thanks to its simple graphics, slower combat, and undemanding system requirements.  

With over 300-million player accounts and an exciting ongoing year-long story arc (the Elder God Wars), there’s never been a better time to rejoin RuneScape.  

Congratulations RuneScape, here’s to another twenty years.  

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