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8 Mobile Sci-Fi Games That Are Out of This World

Not only do we now carry hyper-powerful futuristic computers around in our pockets, but those computers carry their own solar systems and galaxies around within them. Or at least they would if you downloaded any of the amazing mobile sci-fi games that we’ve presented below. The future is now, old man. 

Whether you’re into future-tech on Planet Earth or space-bound odysseys, the following science-fiction games for Android and iOS are bound to please the inner Sarah Connor or Captain James Tiberius Kirk in all of us.  

1) XCOM (iOSAndroidand XCOM 2 (iOSAndroid

No fan of sci-fi gaming will be surprised to see XCOM’s inclusion in this list. The original, sequel, and expansions are iconic entries in the tactical turn-based RPG genre. Though if you are new to XCOM, and want a premium experience, we’d suggest the XCOM 2 Collection which is available on both iOS and Android and contains all of XCOM 2, revered expansion War of the Chosen, and four DLC packs. 

By the time of the events in XCOM2, aliens have completed their takeover of Earth. Where many humans have fallen in line with their new alien overlords, the remnants of a diverse band of elite fighters regather to initiate a last gasp resistance. With customisable soldiers, awesome foes, challenging strategic gameplay, and Civilisation levels of “Just One More Turn”, XCOM remains a force to be reckoned with. 

2) Infinite Lagrange (iOSAndroid

Mobile strategy space game Infinite Lagrange grants players the ability to go from zero-to-infinite-hero and claim their place in the Milky Way. Players mine, build, and trade their way into galactic prominence. And if that should fail, then they engage in large space battles in order to attain galactic dominance instead.  

There are plenty of customized weapon systems and unique ship combos to deploy, from Spore Fighters to Solar Whale Carriers. As to whether you build yourself a safe haven or risk exploring the dark frontiers of space, only you can decide. 

3) EVE Echoes (iOSAndroid

Massive intergalactic battles, a vast space opera of warring factions, mining, trading, and diplomacy? Those descriptions of Infinite Lagrange might remind you of the most epic space MMO of all time – EVE Online. Well while EVE Online isn’t yet playable on mobile, EVE Echoes, the spinoff game, very much is.  

While EVE Online and EVE Echoes do not share progress or accounts, EVE Echoes features the same iconic factions as the main game; Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, and Caldari. The gameplay is largely similar to EVE Online too, albeit considerably less complicated. While the relative simplicity of its economy, politics, and gameplay ensures it loses a little of CCP Games’ EVE Online magic, NetEase’s spinoff is still a great game, and more accessible at that.  

4) Marvel Future Revolution (iOSAndroid

Set during the Convergence (the literal meeting of worlds), Marvel Future Revolution explores nearly every sci-fi trope out there: parallel universes, clones, killer-death robots, high-tech gadgets and gizmos, and a generous helping of spaceships too.  

Supervillains and evil masterminds from throughout the Marvel multiverse are wreaking havoc on the newly converged Earth. Fortunately, there’s an army of Iron Men, Spidermen, Storms, and the many, many Guardians of the Galaxy to come and save the day. We recently wrote a full review of Marvel Future Revolution, arguing that it blew all other Marvel mobile games out of the stratosphere.  

5) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (iOS, Android)  

We’ve written about the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) mobile port on many occasions now, but that’s because it just really, really deserves it. As some of the finest playable sci-fi stories ever told, Knights of the Old Republic will forever go down in the annals of gaming history as a classic rich with ARPG action, beloved characters, and epic plot twists.  

With both KOTOR and KOTOR 2 (iOSAndroid) reoptimized and currently available on mobile, and a remastering on its way to larger platforms, now is the perfect time to discover or rediscover the legend of Revan. Even the trailer leaves us feeling all hot and bothered. And don’t get us started on the custom lightsabers.  

6) Out There (iOSAndroid

Despite coming out nearly six years ago, Out There’s haunting plot, pulp comic book graphics, and challenging gameplay have helped maintain its place as a stalwart of sci-fi mobile gaming. You are an astronaut, waking alone beyond the known galaxies. Much like No Man’s Sky, the galaxies are procedurally generated, giving you something unique to explore with every mission. 

Out There is essentially a non-combat space-based survival game, you must replenish your oxygen in garden planets, maintain and fix-up your ship, and come to peace with the great dark void of space. You will meet creatures and ancient powers of great import and discover that your destiny may be more than meets the eye. 

Out There is a difficult game, we recommend the Omega edition alongside these forums for tips. It’s certainly worth persevering with though, you’ll discover a melancholic true sci-fi story, crafting and spaceship mods, meaningful multiple-choice decision making, and a haunting score by Siddhartha Barnhoorn. 

7) Ticket to Earth (iOSAndroid

Talking of comic-book style mobile games, be sure to check out Ticket to Earth – a multi-award-winning hit that combines a whole handful of genres. The storyline is a sci-fi saga complete with space-based subterfuge and deceit. You play as the Peacekeepers, deploying over 100 melee and ranged Combat Powers in your fight against a cabal of twisted foes. 

Somewhat remarkably, it combines the best of RPG and puzzle gameplay in an innovative fusion of styles. This hybrid approach plays out in tactical turn-based combat on a strategic colour-matching battlefield.  

8) Shadowgun Legends (iOSAndroid

Having presented you with noble tales of being lost in unknown galaxies, of great military space operas, and intergalactic insurrections, we decided to finish with something far simpler. A good old fashioned shootin’ tootin’ FPS. Shadowgun Legends is a near-future, chaotic, real-time shooter with a variety of team-based game-modes. 

You play as a Shadowgun, a warrior with unlimited potential.  And Shadowgun Legends’ nearly unlimited amounts of customisation options reflects this. There is diverse loot, fun dances, flashy rewards, and social features – you know, all the things modern gamers go wild for. Think of Shadowgun Legends as a combination of Destiny and Fortnite. Its “humans vs aliens” storyline isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s a fun and frenetic rampaging romp. 

Do you agree with our verdict that these are the best mobile sci-fi games around? What genre should we explore next? Let us know. 

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