Wingspan Digital Edition

Card-Based Bird-Collector Wingspan Gets Android Launch Date

Wingspan, the bird-based boardgame you never knew you needed until you played it, is going digital. On November 9th, the beautiful and award-winning game will be spreading its wings and going even more mobile with a move to Android devices. The popular iOS version has been available since earlier in the year.

Wingspan Android will work in a very similar way to the original – building a nature reserve and filling it with beautiful birds represented by stunning artwork. Who needs environmentally damaging NFTs when you have a hand-drawn American Goldfinch?

As a Wingspan player, you take on many a role: birdwatcher, ornithologist, researcher, and collector. With various habitats available, the goal is to create the best via a selection of complementary combinations of 170 birds, rare and common.

The same artwork that caused boardgame fans to fall in love with the original is now animated, and the game is arguably even more tranquil in mobile form thanks to its real-life audio samples and the following wonderfully calming soundtrack.

Wingspan mobile is for 1-5 players and will be playable online, cross-platform, and indeed as pass-and-play one-device game.

Hawks, swifts, pelicans – whatever your avian preference, Wingspan is a delightful and semi-educational game. There is plenty of bird-based trivia and the accurate artwork well help budding birdwatchers learn their craft. It’s a game we look forward to seeing getting the mobile treatment. Wingspan pre-orders are already available via Google Play. More information about the game can be found on the publisher’s FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. The game also has an official Discord channel which goes live today 14/10/2021.

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