Top 10 Mobile Farming Games

Which Mobile Farming Game is Right for You? The Top 10.

Who is ready for some charming farming? Much unlike real farming, farming video games are now well known for their relaxing and tranquil nature. We’ve compiled a list of the most fun and most popular farming games for Android and iOS. If you’re looking to chill out with your mill out but you can’t decide between the dozens of identical looking games, fear not – our agricultural aggregation distinguishes each game by their most compelling features.

Before you start reading our top 10 mobile farming games list, we have but one warning: expect corny farming jokes aplenty. You can have that first one for free.

1) The Most Iconic Mobile Farming Game? Farmville 2: Country Escape (iOS, Android)

We all remember the early days of Facebook wherein oblivious to data security, mums, aunts, and cousins everywhere would send out a million Farmville invitations a week. While those chaotic days are behind us, many still long for the nostalgic days of Farmville. Farmville 2: Country Escape is the closest you can come to that today, and it’s all on mobile. It’s still quite grindy, but if it was Farmville that turned you onto the genre, it may only be Farmville that will sate your farming desires.

2) The Biggest Mobile Farming Game? Hay Day (iOS, Android)

Another very popular mobile farming game is Supercell’s Hay Day. Hay Day’s unique offering comes in the form of its size; compared to the other games on this list, it’s gigantic. Not only does it feature all the usual farm repairing, barn building, and pasture expanding of similar games, but it features roadside shops to run, fishing mini-games, and even a complete town-builder. If you started a game in the morning, you’d have enough to do until you were ready to hit the hay at night. I know, I know, we’re haylarious.

3) The Best Fantasy Farming Mobile Game? Harvest Land (iOS, Android)

Harvest Land is a mobile farming simulator by developer-publisher Mystery Tag which is growing in popularity by the day. Arguably the only thing more colourful than its gameplay is its roster of eccentric characters, many of whom would fit just as well in a fantasy RPG as they would in a farm setting. Unlike other farming simulators which focus solely on farming, harvesting, and trading, Harvest Land also features monster battles for those who need a bit more thrill.

4) The Most Charming Mobile Farming Game? Stardew Valley (iOS, Android)

Stardew Valley is undoubtedly one of the best farming games out there. Not only for its easy-on-the-eye aesthetic, wonderful soundtrack and nigh-on meditative gameplay; but for its understated storyline of reclaiming a family farm. There is something quintessentially feelgood about Stardew Valley, it almost gives us hope in the American Dream again. Truly a gaming marvel, Stardew Valley’s veritable closet-full of awards (from IGN, The Golden Joystick, and BAFTA) are very much deserved. Few pastures are greener.

5) The Cutest Mobile Farming Game? Sumikkogurashi Farm (iOS, Android)

Popular in Japan, Sumikko Gurashi is a plushie company turned cultural phenomena known for its cutesy whimsical adorable weirdness. Difficult to spell, pronounce, and remember, the fact that Sumikkogurashi Farm remains an international success is testament to its quality. Unlike many of the Farmville clones out there, Imagineer’s Sumikkogurashi Farm has a Studio Ghibli-esque charm to its looks, colour scheme, and soundtrack. It is an adorable, gentle, anime/plushie-inspired farming game which, in our opinion, comes close to rivalling Stardew Valley’s magic. It is sometimes known as Sumikko Farm.

6) The Best 16Bit Mobile Farming Game? Pocket Harvest (iOS, Android)

Our regular readers here at MobileGames will know that we love mobile pixel art games. Pocket Harvest is a delightful 16-bit mobile farming game complete with all of the gameplay features you would expect: sowing seeds, picking crops, raising animals, selling your wares. If looking after dairy cows isn’t enough for you, Pocket Harvest takes farming into the modern world with the udderly novel addition of turning your pocket farm into a tourist attraction. Pocket Harvest is a premium game, which means it avoids the tedium of grinding (flour mill excluded). However, players will need to give over some moo-lah. 

7) The Best Tropical Mobile Farming Game? Farm Paradise (iOS, Android)

Most farming games on mobile and other platforms have a similar setting – the green pastures of the northern hemisphere. They mostly have bog-standard European architecture and farming techniques with classic red barns and even redder tractors. Farm Paradise makes the exciting decision to make things more exotic. Swap the highland sheep for tigers and lions and have a roaring good time. You can build up your tropical island, filling it with steamboats, airports, hotels, and zoos.

8) The Best Offline Farming Game? Big Little Farmer (iOS, Android)

So many mobile games these days rely on an internet connection. That’s okay if you have a massive data package or you live in a big urban area, but what if like the characters in any of these games you live in a rural environment with an internet connection as stinking as an old cow pat? Big Little Farmer has you covered; it is a vibrant and fully developed farming game that lets you play anytime, anywhere. Like most of these games it is free-to-play but has some gameplay and aesthetic features you can pay for to enhance your experience. So, if you want to decorate your chicken coop, prepare to pay a poultry fee.

9) The Most Realistic Farming Game? Farming Simulator 20 (iOS, Android)

As the name suggests, Farming Simulator 20 is designed to realistically simulate farming as accurately as possible. Expect real life struggles, troubles, equipment, and processes. If you don’t care about colourful graphics and instead have an actual interest in how farming works, then this is as close as you can get without picking up a plough. Well, in a mobile game at least.

10) The Most Smurf-Friendly Farming Game? Smurfs’ Village (iOS, Android)

Admittedly, this one is a bit of a bonus entry; Smurfs’ Village actually contains much more than just farming although farming plays a crucial role. We enjoy this game not just because we’re big fans of the Smurfs, but because it’s one of few games to heavily redesign the tried-and-testing mobile farming look. Expect fluffy multicoloured sheep in dozens of patterns, as well as a diverse collection of funny fruit and veg to plant (heck, even the houses are made of mushrooms). It’s full of food based minigames, your favourite Smurf characters, social mechanics, and indeed a Gilgamesh themed storyline.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our list of the best mobile farming games to play in 2021. We also hope our excessive farm-based puns didn’t make you want to jump in front of a passing combine harvester.

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