The 10 Best Mobile Sports Games

Ready, Set, Go! The 10 Best Mobile Sports Games

Just like real sports, mobile sports games aren’t for everyone. But for all you sporting superfans out there, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best sports games for mobile in nearly every category. Mobile basketball game? We’ve got you covered. Mobile running game? We’ve got you covered. Mobile archery, bowling, and billiards games? We’ve got you covered for those too.

So strap in, kit up, and get on your marks. Our top mobile sport games bonanza is about to kick off.

1) Madden NFL 22 Mobile (iOS, Android)

Having just patched up some major issues in their console games, Madden NFL is back to its usual standards of excellence. And that’s just as true for their mobile iterations which may not have the cutting-edge graphics and full experience of the next-gen console titles but are nonetheless examples of a true touchdowns in the mobile sporting game world.

Players can relive NFL history or build their own all-star team and play their way to victory. One of its best features is its coop function which allows players and friends to help each other climb the scoreboards.

2) Touchgrind Skate 2 (iOS, Android)

If there was ever any doubt as to whether skateboarding was a legitimate sport, the most recent Olympics kickflipped that question out of the park. Touchgrind Skate is as good as it gets for a skating game outside the THPS console series. And yet the developers Illusion Labs made a smart developmental decision – use Tech Decks (or to anyone born after 1997 “fingerboards”). If you’re going to be doing nollies, darkslides, and heelflips with your fingers anyway, why not ditch the skater avatar and simulate it directly.

The developers also offer Touchgrind Scooter and Touchgrind BMX for those who never quite got the hang of an ollie.

3) 8 Ball Pool (iOS, Android)

Pool, snooker, and billiards sit in the same “Is it a sport?” category as darts. The answer being, “Well, probably not…just don’t make me say that in a crowded pub full of angry Englishmen.” Nonetheless, as far as mobile equivalents go, Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool is a surprisingly great game. As evidenced by its 30,000,000+ downloads.

While it does have extra features like tournaments, coins, items and levels, its success seems to largely come from one simple fact – it’s just a really well-made mobile pool game.

4) FIFA Mobile (Also known as FIFA Football) (iOS, Android)

It would be all too easy for EA Sports and the powerhouse that is FIFA to throw together a cheap mobile game and dump it on the app stores knowing that their most loyal fans would probably play anyway. Instead, they put continual energy and investment into events, tournaments, updates, and patches – which is what helps FIFA Mobile to be the most high-quality mobile football game around.

It offers the ability to recruit legends or train your own superstars. From there, you can play against friends in real-time matches or join the world’s biggest competitions like the UEFA Champions League.

5) Crazy Kick (iOS, Android)

Whereas games like FIFA Mobile take themselves seriously, Crazy Kick, as the name suggests, certainly does not. In Crazy Kick, you become the ball itself and steer it through all manner of obstacles in both obscure and picturesque settings. It’s still a sports themed mobile game, but this one is delightfully addictive even for non-sporting connoisseur.

So, get yourself ready for some ridiculous freekicks and some ludicrous penalties. And for all you Ted Lasso fans out there, remember “Football is life!”

6) 3D Bowling (Android) and Bowling 3D (iOS)

Much like 8 Ball Pool, 3D Bowling doesn’t offer many clever thrills or add-ons. And yet it has earned its place in this list by just being a well-made and well-maintained game. It deserves praise for its advanced physics engine which is able to simulate real-world bowling techniques with accuracy.

Apple has an equivalent title Bowling 3D which is still strong but not quite as advanced. And if you’re looking for something a little wilder, then we suggest the all-action Bowling 3D Extreme.

7) Run Race 3D (iOS, Android)

The understated title of Run Race 3D doesn’t really do this colourful jumble of fun justice. While its graphics are basic and dated, the laughs have not grown old with this classic running race turned nightmare assault-course shenanigan. Expect parkour, jumping, swinging and more as you race against AI, the clock, strangers, or friends in a series of elaborate jovial courses.

Let’s call a spade a spade, it’s not the most true-to-form of any sports game out there. I don’t remember any monkey bars in the Men’s 100m (though that would make the Olympics more fun). And if you are ever in need of any extra motivation, just remember Run Race 3D’s tagline: “Run fast, be the best.”

8) Archery Master 3D (iOS, Android)

Robin Hood fantasies aside, archery is one of those sports that doesn’t seem particularly appealing until you watch the nail-biting tension of the professional competitions. Archery Master 3D is a very realistic simulation of those competitions bundled up into a colourful and compelling game. Players can experience 100+ levels, try cool looking gear, compete in 1v1s, and choose from four attractive settings: Pine Forest, Archery Field, Deadly Desert and Rain Forest.

We haven’t tried this personally so we can’t recommend it, but if you want to try something different, another developer has made Archery Master 3D VR! If you try it, let us know if it’s a bullseye or a total miss!

9) NBA Live Mobile Basketball (iOS, Android)

Much like FIFA Mobile and NFL 22, NBA Live Mobile Basketball has one objective – be the best, most realistic mobile sports game in its chosen category. The small team sizes make basketball a better fit than most team sports that are turned into mobile games. The mainstream NBA video games are struggling, but its mobile iteration is still going strong. This is largely thanks to its dedicated seasons, casual 3v3 modes, and uniquely themed campaigns.

If you’re a basketball fan who was just that little bit too short for your college team, this is your way to dunk yourself into the high-tops of a hoop master.

10) Golf Clash (iOS, Android)

When it comes to mobile golfing games, there are plenty on offer. Rather than suggesting one of the myriad snooze-fests that try to recreate the relaxing green pastures on a small screen, we’re recommending Golf Clash – a competitive, nerve-wracking 1v1 golfing showdown game. Its quickfire gameplay is challenging, addicting and a whole lot of fun – especially when played with competitive friends and siblings.

And don’t just take our word for it, Golf Clash won ‘Best Mobile Game’ in the Gaming BAFTAs of 2018 and ‘Game of the Year’ in the Mobile Games Awards 2018. Now that’s quite something, eh? It’s time to grab the clubs and tee-up!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top mobile sports games to play right now. Did we miss your favourite sport out? Did we forget to recommend any great mobile sports games? Be sure to leave us a comment and reaction below.

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