Old School RuneScape (Finally) Introduces New Clan Feature!

If you’ve been playing Old School RuneScape for the last eight years like me, you’ll know that PKing scrubs in the Wildy has always been a bit shaky when fighting in a big group.  

Based on what was originally known as RuneScape 2, OSRS has been one of the biggest MMO hits since… well forever. RuneScape 2 launched back in 2004 (gosh, I’m getting old) and while a lot has changed, it’s fair to say that clan play was a sorely missing modern quality feature that other games have embraced since the same era. 

Luckily my wizard friend has got my back.

Since releasing on mobile back in October 2018, OSRS is easily one of the most popular mobile games on the market today, and the release of the brand new Clan feature means that that you’ll once again be optimizing your taps to get the perfect APM as you get skilling to 99.  

OSRS Clan feature lets you register a Clan for you and your fellow adventurers, with dedicated Clan menus, a recruitment board and a range of other organizational tools to let you coordinate your forces.  

Head into your Clan Hall to relax, assign your members dedicated ranks that would make Sun Tzu proud, and fill your Clan with up to 500 like-minded Gielinor veterans to take over the Grand Exchange, dominate PVP and PVE content and work as a cohesive unit towards whatever you want to do in this ridiculously engaging MMO. 

Clan vs Imp raids are hopefully on the horizon.

“Clans are instrumental in bringing players together to create compelling and wholesome stories to tell. Today’s Clans update provides the perfect opportunity for every Old School RuneScape player to develop existing relationships, build new ones, and share exciting experiences with like-minded individuals in our amazing community.” 

Executive producer, Rob Hendry

If anything is for certain, it’s that my arthritis has sufficiently subsided enough for me to dive back into Old School RuneScape to try the new Clan feature. 

Ready to play? You can find OSRS here. 

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