PUBG: NEW STATE – Fresh Info & Video About The New Map, Troi!

After releasing announcing PUBG: NEW STATE earlier this year with an epic pre-registration trailer that would make Michael Bay blush, more PUBG: NEW STATE information has been dropped by game development collective KRAFTON, for the upcoming installment of the unbelievably popular mobile battle-royale masterpiece, PUBG. 

KRAFTON is slowly giving glimpses into the new futuristic map of Troi with their “Field Trip to Troi” series, and this update highlights some of the new areas and complexes that players will use to get high-powered loot and send scrubs to the next lobby. 

Off the bat, the trailer is pretty. Those who have played PUBG Mobile since the beginning will absolutely recognize the huge increase in graphical fidelity, and new players will still be in awe that this level of detail and quality in your hands is a possibility for mobile gamers.  

Diving into the meat of the video, it’s clear that a huge amount of consideration into creating what can almost be described as “mini-maps” within the wider Troi region has occurred, to let players essentially play skirmishes within a variety of different structures and areas, that each have their own way of enabling different play styles, like stealthy, long-range, or close-combat, for different player types.  

The Exhibition Hall with its target-like shape from above, is going to be a prime target for early game chaos, and with the addition of bulletproof glass in many areas, the change in tactics required from players will add a new level of complexity, and sweatiness, to PUBG’s classic gameplay.  

The future of the world is Robots

The Mall is 100% going to make me die when I run backwards up the escalator and lose all my speed, so that’s going to be fun, but add to that the many storefronts to hide in: it’s going to be a close quarters slaughter fest.  

I am definitely going to fall through this

The Laboratory looks amazing with super tight corridors, huge options for flanking and a central security room enclosed in bulletproof glass that is going to give me a panic attack when I see enemies surrounding me on the other side of it. 

The close-quarters of the Laboratory

And finally, the trusty trailer park, reminiscent of the Erangel Docks. With plenty of jumping and vaulting, high-caliber trailer-park trash weaponry, and huge ramp used to get sweet airs off with your new beastly electric Audi lookalike, this is going to be my drop of choice.  

Ah, home at last

So when can we play PUBG: NEW STATE? Not yet, but good news is that pre-registration is open on their website, and the closed-alpha is slated to begin in June 11, so go and register and get playing today! 

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