Genshin Impact: 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Patch – Releasing June 9!

Free-to-play action RPG behemoth Genshin Impact is getting set to release the brand new 1.6 content patch, Midsummer Island Adventure, on Wednesday June 9th!

The Midsummer Island Adventure patch brings sunny island archipelagos to explore, you’ll need to help Klee keep her best friend Dodoco safe from the Dodo-King, fight new enemies that will earn you currencies to build up your resources (supposedly the new boss, Maguu Kenki, is not going to be easy), find new summer-themed costumes for Jean and Barbara, as well as finally being able to unlock the first playable character from the electro region of Inazuma: Kaedehara Kazuha. 

Maguu Kenki is going to kick your butt

miHoYo has managed to cram a LOT of content in the 1.6 patch, so players are definitely going to be getting up to some fun adventures as they ride their new ship “Waverider” in search of the islands and to uncover the mystery of the Dodo-King.

And as a nod to the slowly approaching summer, players will join Klee and other characters on new adventures as they sail the sunny seas and head to island archipelagos in search of the mysterious “Dodoland”, a new character in the series who is threatening to take Dodoco from Klee. Whether or not this Dodo-King is a bad guy, we don’t yet know, but he sure seems to want Dodoco all to himself.

The new boat travel mechanic with the “Waverider” is definitely one of the highlights, with the ability to sail across the seas with a controllable skiff that players can use to fight with thanks to onboard cannons, as well as using it to find the Wavesplitter Insignias scattered across the archipelago. 

The controllable Waverider is going to finally let players sail the high seas!

One thing to note is that 1.6 will not bring the new region of Inazuma, but there is speculation out there that it may arrive sometime in July, but this is based on the previous patches release schedules. 

The new playable Inazuma character, Kazuha, will be featured in the new Archon Quest, where players will travel with Beidou and the Crux Fleet and hints about how to access the currently closed Inazuma region will begin to surface. 

Haven’t played Genshin Impact before? There’s a good reason it won “Best Game of 2020 on the Google Play Store”, as well as the App Store “iPhone Game of the Year”. Genshin Impact is a massive free-to-play RPG that plays really well on almost any device, doesn’t feel like it’s trying to force you to buy new unlocks, and combines really engaging action gameplay with a huge story arc.

It is easily one of the team favorites here, and we even think it’s one of the prettiest mobile games around. Looking for more Genshin Impact content? Check out our Genshin Impact hub here!

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