Runescape - The Nodon Front

The Nodon Front – The Latest Chapter in RuneScape’s Epic Elder God Wars

Compared to other MMORPGs, RuneScape is not usually associated with legendary longstanding story arcs. But the year-long Elder God Wars storyline, celebrating RuneScape’s 20th anniversary, changes all of that.

“The first assault of the Elder Gods and the battle cry of a thousand Dragonkin erupts over the city of Senntisten in an epic Elder God Wars Dungeon experience 

The latest chapter, The Nodon Front, unites mobile and PC players to battle against the forces of the Elder God Jas. After Ariane’s premonitions of war come true, it is up to the brave warriors of Gielinor to take up arms to save their homelands and the recently unearthed lost city of Senntisten from the sieging Dragonkin forces.

Experienced RuneScape players of various specializations will be able to play their part in the defence of Senntisten. Players with a 92+ Slayer skill should join up to destroy siege machines and push back Dragonkin forces. Meanwhile, players with a 90+ Construction skill can turn the tides of war by manipulating the Nodon’s weapons against them.

Should they successfully fight through the Dragonkin’s Hunters, Guards, Engineers, and Artificers they will reach the climactic finale. The battle will culminate in an epic Colosseum showdown with the general of the Nodon Dragonkin – Kerapac. Kerapac will be equipped with powerful Elder God artefacts; fortunately, players have the original God War generals (Zilyana, Nex, Kree’arra and K’ril) to help them with temporary abilities.

As well as a range of cosmetic rewards, victorious players will gain access to one of the most powerful and legendary weapons ever introduced to RuneScape: The Staff of Armadyl. This epic reward is RuneScape’s first ever Tier 95 weapon.

RuneScape’s Elder God Wars: The Nodon Front is live now and is playable on PC, iOS, and Android (with cross platform progression). What are you waiting for? Gielinor needs you!

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