Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Play the Original 2D Final Fantasy Games on Mobile Today

Considering the number of Final Fantasy games on the market, it could safely be argued that Final Fantasy is the most ironically named gaming franchise of all time. But the never-ending series had to start somewhere; namely, the pixelated 2D titles Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III. These cult games are beloved by retro gamers who should be especially delighted to know that they can now be downloaded for mobile in the form of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

If this trailer doesn’t tempt you into some retro mobile gaming, we don’t know what will.

While the early Final Fantasy games are also receiving a strew of modern 3D remasterings, these mobile titles stick to their classic 2D form. But that doesn’t mean that they are completely without modernization, each of the three games see’s revamped graphics and audio.

The announcement of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was made during this year’s E3 and caused a pretty big buzz in what was otherwise largely considered a disappointing event.

The first three games are already available to individually purchase and download for both iOS and Android. The original Final Fantasy is the cheapest at just $11.99, with the subsequent two titles priced at the slightly higher $17.99. The following three titles, Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI, will be released soon too, each at the price of $17.99.

While the titles are all quite pricey for mobile games, when it comes to classic gaming, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the original titles. The six earliest Final Fantasy games were released between 1987 and 1994…a fact that leaves us here at feeling rather old. Still, the impact of the games cannot be understated; and we can’t wait to dive back into these blasts from the past.

So whether you are an older gamer looking for a bit of nostalgia or a younger gamer who wants to explore gaming history, if you’re willing to pay the price tag, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games are waiting for you. The links to each of the titles on both iOS, Android, and Steam can be found on the official website.

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