Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Tomb Raider

Lara Croft Enters the Final Fantasy Franchise in 25-Year Collaboration Event

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has launched a special collaborative event with the iconic Lara Croft in order to celebrate 25-years of Tomb Raiding. As anyone who has played more recent Tomb Raider games knows, the once-pixelated heartthrob has come a long way in her 25 years of cultural prominence.

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, as well as being a real mouthful, is a free-to-play tactical mobile RPG by Alim and Square Enix. The title is available on iOS and Android devices.

The Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider Anniversary Event

From now until the 19th of October, Square Enix is offering its players login bonuses which include a 25-year Vision Card, Lara Croft Unit Shards, and 25 years of Tomb Raiding Vision Card Shards, plus a series of other exclusive and limited-edition bonuses.

In our opinion, the most exciting element of the collaboration is the Lara Croft (UR) Unit – a powerful water-type UR unit with a Middle Guard Striker Class (a job specifically created for the collaboration). Her secondary jobs include Gunner and Ranger, allowing Lara to inflict a lot of damage even on those with high resistance. Finally, her powerful limit-burst “Duelist Reflexes” attack deals high damage while reducing her hate-level, reducing the chances that enemies will attack the legendary explorer.

Another exciting addition is the “25 Years of Tomb Raiding” (UR) vision card mentioned above.It works extremely well with decks that include Lara Croft and is especially effective for Water-type Missile Attacks. When equipped to Lara, the vision card increases her Critical Hit Rate and Evasion.

Gaming franchises don’t get much more iconic than Final Fantasy and Lara Croft, so make the most of this limited time crossover while you can.

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