Summoners War: Sky Arena Summons Up Anniversary Rewards

Summoners War: Sky Arena is celebrating its seventh anniversary in style. The massive fantasy RPG which boasts over a million daily active users, is not only bestowing players with hundreds of gifts and rewards but is launching a special in-game charity event to help protect endangered marine life. 

The Rewards 

To help players revel in the Summoners War: Sky Arena anniversary celebrations, Sky Arena players will have the opportunity to receive 100 gifts. Yes, you read that right – one hundred. These gifts are earned through in-game tasks, “7 Amazing Events” and login rewards.  

  • Until June 27th (and again between July 5th to 11th), players receive additional Glory Points after winning Arena Battles. 
  • Until July 4th, players receive 2xEXP and Manastones 
  • Until July 11th, consecutive daily check-ins will be rewarded with: Mystical Scroll x 5, Energy x200, Mana Stone x300,000, 4 Rainbowmon x2, 5 Rainbowmon x1, Ancient Coins x50, and Mystical Scrolls x10. 
  • Until July 25th, Rune Power-up success rate will be doubled.  
  • From July 3rd at 11pm to July 4th at 12pm PDT (and the same time the following day), players receive twice as many Crystals from the Rift of Worlds.  

Furthermore, players longing for a bit of nostalgia can take a trip down memory lane with Ellia for even more rewards. Players can earn up to 100 gifts and 10,000 points per week until July 12th. For more info on this anniversary event, check out the full details

With gifts like that dished out for people who join their anniversary celebrations, it’s no wonder they’ve had over 2.6 billion log-ins.  

The “Pearls of Love” Charity Event 

Summoner’s War are also launching an admirable charity event with the assistance of the Korea Green Foundation. Proceeds will go towards helping seven beloved but endangered species of marine animal: the green sea turtle, the manta ray, the dugong, the Irrawaddy dolphin, the whale shark, the seahorse, and the humphead wrasse. To help with this excellent cause, players can participate in the in-game event by participating in select Scenario, Cairos Dungeon Arena, Guild, and Rift Raid missions. Sky Arena will support the campaign until the end of the year or when 50 million Pearls of Love are collected. 

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