Level-Up Fast in Harvest Land Using These Simple Tips

If you have recently picked up the charming mobile farming simulator Harvest Land from Mystery Tag and, for whatever reason, are looking to fast-track your progress then you’re in luck. There are a few options open to restless ranchers looking to use their time as efficiently as possible. Which, when you think about it, is about as true-to-life as a mobile farming simulator can get.  

Here’s a few tips to keep things rolling along smoother than a brand-new combine harvester.  

Save Your Crystals 

Forget land, crops or machinery – in Harvest Land crystals are a farmer’s most valuable asset. Which is why the first rule of Harvest Land is to harvest crystals first, and do all that other farmer-type stuff second.  

But while it may be tempting to wield their power in pursuit of some short-term goals, like any fiscally responsible adult will tell you: you should put some aside for a rainy day. The buildings waiting in the premium shop will provide a much more lucrative payout in the long run. So how do you get your muddy mitts on as many crystals as possible? 

Watch Some Ads 

Perhaps the easiest way to earn Harvest Land crystals (beyond buying them, of course), is to subject yourself to some ads. Frugal app users are accustomed to this age-old F2P tradition by now. But at least indulging in some playful propaganda is as easy as tapping on the nearby ‘floating cinema’ boat.  

Whether you decide to actually watch the ads is up to you. You could instead turn your head and hum a melody with your fingers in your ears. Nobody can ever know. The important part is that you’ve given the ads your time. And time is money, AKA Crystals.  

Make Some Friends 

The Clan Castle is only available at level 15, so it requires a bit of preliminary work to get there. But once you’ve made your renovations and begun to mingle with your fellow farmers, it’s smooth sailing. The real hack is joining up with one of the many well-established clans instead of starting your own.  

Established clans are better placed to help you with items that you may need to help speed things along. Not only that, but being a part of a clan opens up the all-important Dragon Races. Rewards aplenty await the victors. And if you lose, well the real reward is the fun you had along the way.   

Simply follow these simple steps and you’ll be hitting the higher echelons in no time. Remember if you want to level up fast in Harvest Land – it’s not about working hard, but working smart. Happy farming!  

Achieve Your Goals 

Scoring achievements in Harvest Land is one surefire way of raking in the rewards. By focusing your efforts on reaching milestones, the all-important crystals will soon come rolling in. Over 110 achievements are ready to be smashed by your over-achieving self, such as creating items in the workshop or harvesting your crops. After all, you can’t level-up fast in Harvest Land without putting in at least some legwork.      

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