Sky: Children of the Light Gets a Princely New Season

In one of the most adorable crossovers ever to grace our mobile screens, the next season of Sky: Children of the Light will be based around the theme of Le Petit Prince (or to us crass anglophiles, that’s The Little Prince).  

In a title already filled with colourful cutesiness, the inclusion of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s heart-melting novella seems like a match made in heaven. The Little Prince is a beloved childhood (and adulthood) favourite all around the world. Its delicate, sentimental storytelling matches perfectly with the colourful aesthetic, explorative setting, and the feeling of childlike awe that resonates throughout Sky: Children of the Light.  

Following the announcement at E3, the teaser trailer released back in late-April makes a lot more sense. Pre-E3, many fans saw it and thought, why is Sky: Children of the Light basing their next season around a hat? Well as a few savvy fans recognized, it is not a hat at all. 

“I showed my masterpiece to the grown-ups and asked them if my drawing frightened them.  They answered: ‘Why should anyone be frightened by a hat?’  My drawing did not represent a hat. It was supposed to be a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.” 

The new season starts in July, and we can’t wait to get started.  

And there’s more good news for fans of Sky: Children of the Light. The colourful title is migrating from mobile to the Nintendo Switch – potentially introducing a whole new audience to this delightful, charming little game. It is due for Switch release on June 29th.  

The trailer for the Switch version, just released at Summer Games Fest, gives us a sneak peek into the new season wherein our protagonist will explore side by side with Le Petit Prince. For many, it’s really a dream come true – or as they say on the continent “très bon”. 

We’ll leave you with a quote from the Little Prince himself: “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” 

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