The Mobile Games So Bad They’ll Scar You For Life

The internet is filled with listicles celebrating the best mobile games of all time; and we are no exception to that. In the last few months alone, we’ve researched and reviewed the best mobile rhythm gamesword gameseducational gamesupcoming gamesone-handed gamesbeautiful games, and more. But that’s not why we’re here today, folks. We’re here to celebrate the awful, to rejoice in the abysmal, to exult the appalling. For every best game, there must be a worst, and here is our ultimate breakdown of the worst mobile games in the history of the universe.  

If you’re one of the developers or publishers that released any of these games, our instinct is to apologize for the cruel and uninhibited abuse that we’re about to inflict on your creation. Yet we’re not going to, you’re the ones who should be apologizing, to us, to the app stores, and frankly, to all humankind.  

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