Star Wars: Hunter

Star Wars: Hunters delayed – coming to our galaxy in 2022

With the reveal of a new cinematic trailer, Star Wars: Hunters gives us also a new release date with the game expected to arrive somewhen in 2022.

But while we still have to wait for the game and actual gameplay footage, we can enjoy the beautifully rendered trailer here:

Filled with all the things we like to have in a Star Wars game, the trailer sees a Mandalorian bounty hunter fighting a Sith warrior in spectacular fashion. And if we weren’t excited enough already, we see the fight joined by Wookies, Stormtroopers and even Jawas.

The free-to-play multiplayer game, developed by Zynga, will let players fight against each other on the planet Vespaara, on a multitude of arena maps based on iconic Star Wars worlds.

Players need to utilize all of their skills and tactics, to defeat their opponents in exciting, third person battles. And with the ability to customize your characters, you are not only jumping into exciting arena battles, you will also swing around that lightsaber with style.

You can pre-register for Star Wars: Hunters on the official homepage, not just to get news about the game, but also to have a chance of getting exclusive items when the game is launching in 2022 on Android, iOS and the Nintendo Switch.

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