Arknights Rainbow Six Siege Crossover

Arknights Teams Up With Rainbow Six Siege In A Big Crossover Event

Arknights, the mobile strategy RPG from Yostar, teams up with UBISOFT’s Rainbow Six Siege in their newest “Operation Originium Dust” Event.
The Event will see four playable characters, based on characters from Rainbow Six Siege, brought into the game. Follow the adventures of Team Rainbow and their encounter with the Operators from Rhodes Island at the Border Town of Sargon.

New Operators

  • Ash – The 6-Star Sniper and team leader
  • Tachanka – A 5-Star Guard, using incendiary grenades
  • Blitz – 5-Star Defender, using his Handgun and tactical Shield
  • Frost – The 5-Star Specialist equipped with deadly Traps

New Multivariate Cooperation Game Mode

Together with the new Event, Yostar is introducing “Multivariant Cooperation”, a new multiplayer cooperative game mode.
Players can fight alongside a cooperation partner, either through matchmaking or via invite, to work together and fight enemies over 2 floors, with each player managing one of the floors.

New Outfits and Furniture

To not just fight in style but also look the part, there will also be new cosmetic outfits for Operators Schwarz and Liskarm as well as Ash and Tachanka.
The outfits will only be available for a limited time during the event, alongside a new furniture set.

Find out more about Arknights and Operation Originium here.

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