Everything You Need To Know: League of Legends Wild Rift

Wild Rift launched in October 2020 with a bang! With more than 16 million installs across iOS and Android, League of Legend and new players alike are enjoying the mobile version. Android contributes about 69% of the installs, and that is not including any APK installs which is a bit more difficult to track. Revenue growth for iOS is slow with an estimated monthly revenue of $800k, whereas Android is leading with an estimated $1.4m per month. Considering that Wild Rift is completely free-to-play and their in-app items are limited to purely cosmetic and doesn’t benefit the game play at all.

Wild Rift is not treated as “copy paste” version of League of Legends but more as standalone game. A lot of thought and care was put into translating the PC experience to mobile, including making matches shorter, and flipping the map to ensure your thumbs don’t obscure your view. Unique to Wild Rift are the skin animations, something that League of Legends players hope they will get to see in a future update as well.

Wild Rift already launched in SEA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, with all eyes on the North America launch in March. With new champion releases and regions launching and even dedicated events for Valentines and Lunar New Year, Riot has their hands full.

So, what the latest news in The Rift?

No news yet for NA: Players in NA are begging for updates on the release date, and Riot has been surprisingly mum on the subject. Thanks to the pandemic, the initial release for WR has been delayed therefore it could just mean that with the new patch release and new launches the developers are trying to play catch-up. A couple of players have been playing with a VPN but as any gamer knows that bad ping can kill the buzz, and not even considering having to try and port your game, skins and other items.

Next Patch Update: According to the official LoL Wild Rift website, the next expected release for Patch 2.2 will be 30 March. Although there are minor patches throughout. There is not much info right now what would be included in the new patch or when the smaller patches will be released, but players are hoping for more champions (especially Katarina), fixing matchmaking, role selection and connection issues.

Get ready for Preseason: It’s barely been a couple of months since the launch and SEA already started its first official esports tournament, the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series. Kicked off late in February, 52 teams will battle it out. Head over to the official LoL Wild Rift website wildrift.leagueoflegends.com for all the details.

Who will be your champion? For first timers to the LoL universe, not knowing the characters or lingo is tough! Although it’s only been a couple of months, guides on champion selection are already popping up, with tips on gameplay and which lanes fits which champions best. If you want to know more about each champion Pocketgamer is releasing extensive guides on each of the available champions, which you can check out.

If you prefer a video, here is a beginner’s guide by ProGuides Wild Rift League of Legends Mobile Tips.  Plus, they have great content on items, best builds, and news.

Riot in hot water…again

Back in 2019 Riot employees staged a walk out due to harassment, sexism and general toxic workplace practices, which also lead to a lawsuit for gender discrimination, which is still ongoing. At the beginning of February another lawsuit saw the light, this time from an executive assistant, Sharon O’Donnel, against Riot CEO, Nicolo Laurent, for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and wrongful termination. A committee, including a third-party law firm, was set up to investigate the allegations.

Wild Rift is a new competitor in the mobile MOBA scene with Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. Both of the latter mobile games have a 5-year head start on Wild Rift, but with the strong association with League of Legends, well-known characters and familiar gameplay they will bring strong competition into the mobile space.

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